2014 Special Attractions Include...

Central Carolina Fair 4H Competitive Exhibits
The Central Carolina Fair exhibition area will again be organized and operated by Guilford County 4-H leaders and include over 500 exhibits. The exhibit area will be located in the Central Carolina Fair Pavilion as hundreds of prizes will be awarded for entries in dozens of agriculture and horticulture categories, baked goods, arts and crafts and antiques. 

Circle C Farms Racing Pigs
One of the most popular attractions of recent years, pig racing will return for the 2011 Central Carolina Fair. Set up with a 100-foot oval track in the Midway, the “Hogway Speedway” will be the site for fun-filled “heats” of pig, goat and duck races. The competing pigs are outfitted with saddles and popular NASCAR numbers, and are given names such as “Squealing Earnhardt, Jr.,” “Piggy Gordon” and “Hoggy Jarrett.” Once the flag drops, all of the animals will be shooting for the prize Cheez Doodles that await the winner of each race. The “Hogway Speedway” races will run several times daily.

Carolina Feather Fanciers Poultry Show
The poultry show will feature approximately 400 birds on display in the Pavilion throughout the Fair’s 10-day run. One of the largest fair poultry shows in North Carolina, the show is sanctioned by the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association.

Sandhills Rabbit Show
Returning to the Central Carolina Fair will be the popular Sandhills Rabbit Show. Award winning rabbits will be on display in the Pavilion throughout the Fair’s 10-day run.

Crossroads Farms Animal Exhibit
The Central Carolina Fair animal exhibit will be set up in the Midway. Featuring exotic and traditional farm animals and pony rides, the animal exhibit is always one of the most popular attractions for fairgoers young and old. 

Alvarez Family Circus

Get ready to be amazed by a variety of aerial stunts from the fifth generation of first-class performers during their 30-minute family-friendly show. Appearing nightly in the Fair midway throughout the Fair’s 10-day run.




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